The quality of water is the principal measure affecting our quality of life. Water-Cycle and Life-Cycle are One. Water is a scarce resource and although no drop has ever been (man) made, all of us, without exception, depend on accessible, available and nurturing water! Every drop we use will come back to us in some shape or form. So every drop counts, water is precious and we need to cherish every drop consciously.


H2Organization strives to educate, train and work together with all water-dependable organizations and companies to preserve our quality of life by managing the quality of water and water dependency. H2Organization shares knowledge and our extensive experience by:

  • Providing technical support
  • Measuring, monitoring and management of water quality
  • Water crisis management and problem solving
  • Training and coaching of responsible personnel
  • Implement new developments and technologies in the company by attracting and coaching young professionals who support the vision and mission of H2organization.
  • Participating in social activities to increase "water awareness"
  • Sharing knowledge in schools and universities
  • Provide internships for students.