Our Belief

Not a single drop of water has ever been (man) made. Water needs to be cherished to preserve our quality of life and ultimately: Life itself.

H2Organization is a passionate advocate for WATER; we help protect, manage and raise awareness of this most valuable asset as responsible stewards on behalf of future generations through a Caring/Sharing approach to:

  • Technical support
  • Measuring, monitoring and management of water quality
  • Water crisis management and problem solving
  • Training and coaching of responsible personnel
  • Awareness and education of younger generations
  • Research and innovation


Technical support

H2Organization provides technical support in the management of water quality for different purposes in collective facilities such as hospitals, healthcare facilities, hotels, schools and sports complexes. All the control points for the safeguard of water quality in relation to the purpose for which it is used, can be mapped. This total mapping will then be translated into a Water-Quality Management System.

H2Organization will use a baseline measuring system to indicate where potential optimization of the current (if any) water management system is needed. Hereby taking into account the different uses of water. If no interlocking system is present, this can be set up. Herein the water quality maintenance system is described and every step of the process can be monitored. This is advisable for both existing settings as to new installations.

 H2Organization also puts great emphasis on improving the awareness of our client’s own technical staff in the field of quality control through a tailored management plan. This can be done by training and/or facilitation for both Technical- as well as for Housekeeping-personnel.

Drinking water is daily subjected to many influences. Stagnating water, undesirable heating or faulty connections, to name a few, may induce "brown" water, taste variations or, in the worst case, contamination of the entire drinking water network: Re-growth of bacteria in the pipeline may cause health risks, including colonies of the notoriously dangerous Legionella. People with impaired immune systems may experience negative health effects as a result.

Reliable Water:

In addition to the tasks that are required to monitor the quality, it may be necessary to implement supplemental measures. These additional controls are essential for the maintenance and preservation of the plant. During a Quick Scan on-site, H2Organization will gather all relevant information. Based thereon we shall, together with the owner, develop a monitoring plan. On the basis of this plan, an annual plan (and budget) can and should be established, so that all necessary and legally required inspections and investigations will be provided for the entire plant.

Priority setting and Legionella prevention

Hospitals, healthcare facilities, hotels, etc. are categorized as priority settings (collective drinking water installation). The owner of a collective water system has a duty of care and is responsible for the water quality of the pipes from the meter (main valve) to the taps. E.g., the design and condition of the collective water supply installation and materials used must not represent any conditions that affect the quality of tap water.

Ensuring the water used for purposes other than drinking water (eg, dialysis water):

To ensure there is a continuous Need-Assurance system; For both the bacteriological and chemical composition of the water in use.

Personal propostion Diana de Meza

I am fascinated by our most precious natural element, water.
The evident impact of environmental changes on the quality of the water in the world seas and subsequently on the challenges for producing, maintaining, using and recycling clean and quality drinking water, is of great concern to all of us. It is crucial that this awareness is stimulated fiercely on our islands.

I feel very responsible to spread this message by educating organizations, people, young professionals and children. We should cherish water, take care of our surrounding ocean, and be conscious that every drop of water is the result of a careful process of distilling salty seawater into sweet drinking water. And that storage, industrial usage, and the risk of contamination of our water provision are serious business.

Since the ‘90s, I have been committed to this cause. I have worked to provide technical assistance to the (drink) water process, and was one of the initiators of the Caribbean Water Association (CWA) and coordinator of knowledge sharing between Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Sint Maarten and Surinam. CWA was a necessary step to increase awareness for water issues. CWA organizes workshops and trainings about amongst others Legionella Prevention in association with Kiwa/KWR in The Netherlands.
Our islands are vulnerable when it comes to high quality and availability of clean and healthy drinking water. It is my personal goal to create awareness and knowledge about the importance of handling water with care for our children and all future generations! H2Organization is my way of establishing a new way of working with water.